How to Obtain Your NIE Card in Spain: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Obtain Your NIE Card in Spain: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re considering purchasing property in Spain, your first step is to obtain an NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero). This unique identification number for foreigners is essential for completing significant financial transactions in Spain. It’s not just for buying property; you’ll also need an NIE to purchase a car or make any major investment. Additionally, an NIE is necessary if you inherit or are donated property in Spain, so it’s wise for relatives to have one beforehand.

NIE for Residents and Non-Residents

You don’t need to be a resident of Spain to get an NIE. Non-residents require it for purchasing property and paying annual non-resident taxes. Without an NIE, you cannot open a bank account or handle official financial matters. If you plan to become a resident, obtaining your NIE is the first step toward getting your residency card, which requires additional personal information, such as income details and health insurance.

Understanding the NIE Number

An NIE in Spain consists of a letter, followed by seven digits, and another letter (e.g., A-1234567-B). It includes your name, NIE number, date and place of birth, and nationality. It does not serve as photo identification, so it cannot confirm your identity. However, it’s useful to memorize it, as you will frequently need to provide it, especially if you live in Spain.

How to Obtain an NIE Document?

Having an NIE in Spain is crucial for various reasons. Here’s how to obtain one:

Applying for an NIE in Spain

If you are in Spain or planning to travel there soon, you can apply in person. Schedule an appointment online at a National Police Station in your region.

Complete Form EX-15: Indicate why you need an NIE, such as buying or inheriting property.

Provide Identification: Submit your ID, such as a passport, along with copies.

Additional Requirements: Include two passport photos, your address in Spain, and proof of payment of the administration fee (around €12, payable at any bank using form 790).

For Children: Provide the original birth certificate (and official Spanish translation) or family record book, along with the parent’s or guardian’s valid passport or ID.

Processing times can vary, typically taking around two weeks, but may be longer during holiday periods. The good news is that an NIE in Spain does not expire; it’s your number for life.

Applying for an NIE from Your Home Country

You can also obtain an NIE without being in Spain by applying at the Spanish consulate in your home country, either in person or through a representative with power of attorney.

Power of Attorney: Your representative must present a copy of their passport and the power of attorney document.

Official Document Signing: Sign an official document in the presence of a notary, along with a certified copy of your passport.

Seeking Assistance with Your NIE Application

If you are in Spain and comfortable dealing with local officials, you can complete the NIE application process on your own. However, many prefer to hire a gestor or a professional who routinely handles these applications. Note that either you or your representative must be present in person for the application; it cannot be completed entirely online despite some misleading websites.

Regardless of your approach, having an NIE is essential if you have interests in Spain beyond typical tourism. Seek advice if you need assistance or more information about the process.


What documents do I need to obtain an NIE in Spain?

You will need Form EX-15, your passport, two passport photos, proof of payment for the administration fee, and your address in Spain. For children, an original birth certificate and the parent’s or guardian’s ID are required.

Can non-residents get an NIE in Spain?

Yes, non-residents can obtain an NIE, which is necessary for purchasing property, paying non-resident taxes, and handling official financial matters.

How long does it take to get an NIE in Spain?

The process usually takes about two weeks, but it can be longer during holiday periods. The NIE number is valid for life.

Can I apply for an NIE from my home country?

Yes, you can apply at the Spanish consulate in your home country either in person or through a representative with power of attorney.

Do I need help to get an NIE in Spain?

While it’s possible to apply on your own, many prefer to use the services of a gestor or professional to navigate the process. Remember, the application must be done in person, not entirely online

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